Brandon Riley Miller

Co-Executive Producer, Videographer, Editor and Director

Creative partner Brandon Riley Miller brings his gritty, documentary / feature style to TV and Web with his work on Life In Segments. After studying film at Chapman College in Orange, CA, Miller began filming for major production houses such as Vice Media right away. He adeptly goes from music video to series, crafting his own Web Series now in its second season, High The Series. 

Karel and Miller knew each other through family and when Miller heard of the new type of show Karel wanted to do, he jumped right in, creating a look and style for the show that has set the bar for this type of production on all networks.

The two are working on another series as Miller continues work on High and a feature documentary about the life and death of Karel’s late partner Andrew Howard are all on the boards.

Miller, who spent his formidable youth in Big Bear, CA, established a film festival in that city and has worked to expand filmmaking in the Southern California mountain community.

And he continues to head the crew of Life In Segments, innovating the industry while doing the work of 20.