Karel: Life in Segments Ep. 2.06 Stop Ban on Rental Pets, Pippa’s Overwhelming Loss, Plus Moto


Pets help us in so many ways. In one of her final appearances before her tragic loss, Pippa helps us figure out whether pets should be allowed in all rental properties, period. Karel then looks at some of the absurdities of Social Media and its effects on us and how the way you Tweet shows how much $ you make.  We return to Dublin to eat room service. Karel wonders why we continue to feed ourselves crap in the USA from corporate America. Then, it’s #PopMotoTV and the Kawasaki Vulcan S 850 and a discussion about aging and riding with Ty Van Hooydonk from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. We wrap up with a Karel Cast about a basic right going unmet: the right to be happy.

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