About the Show


Hold on Chelsea! Karel’s Life In Segments is the show that invented the reality talk show format and it keeps breaking new ground. Seasons 1 & 2 & 3 Streaming now!

In 2014 Karel: Life In Segments created a new kind of show: reality talk; one that was hailed by media and viewers alike. Since then the show has become wildly popular online and on Free Speech TV because of its ability to deal with real issues that face every viewer all filtered through the life of one outlandish, outspoken entertainer Karel.

Now the show is entering its third season, as 26 episodes are already streaming at reallykareltube on Youtube, in the Karel Cast App as well as Free Speech TV, ProgressiveVoicesNetwork and beyond.

“We’re going to take what we now know people love, me in the street, me in the world, me
engaging people, as well as the successful things like ‘Cooking for the 99’ and ‘CannabisCorner’ and really go all out for the next few seasons,” Karel stated.

The show is a series of stand-alone segments (or completely themed episodes) that capture the real issues of the day: Cooking for the 99 teaches how to eat on $15 a day and how to reconnect with food affordably; Cannabis Corner discusses the budding industry of pot from consumer and industry standpoints; USAnimals deals with our pets and issues facing their owners; and PopMotoTV talks transportation alternatives. These segments join 20 others for a dynamic, fast-moving, often hysterical look at the world as only Karel can provide through 20 plus years at #1 radio stations, TV and stage.

Each season has 13 episodes. Season three will begin airing in July of 2016 online and then Free Speech TV.

The show has really touched a nerve in this time of political upheaval. Karel is able to take and break any issue down either directly or with guests from all walks of life; one moment he’s in a homeless park talking to the residents about politician’s comments about their plight, the next he’s in Ireland covering their marriage referendum and going to a GLBT matchmaking festival. Karel takes issues that permeate his world and the those of his friends and make them relevant to everyone watching in any country around the world.

Life is many things, we all live it in portions, in segments: our work; our home; our food; our exercise; our mental health; our sexuality; each making a segment of life, your, and his, Life in Segments.

He’s unpredictable, outrageous, incredibly knowledgeablle, quick witted, sharp tongued and never afraid to jump right in any situation: he’s Karel and he’s bringing his unique brand of entertianment to weekly Television and the Web with the innovative reality talk show Karel’s Life In Segments.

Informative, entertaining and relevant. It’s the trifecta Kar- el has lived with in radio for over 15 years as he has pio- neered a brand of reality radio that has been in #1 spots at the #1 Talk Radio Stations in the country. He mad hisotry at the #1 Overall talk station in America, KFI AM 640 Los Angeles, and then went on to dominate Bay Area and West Coast Talk on KGO 810 San Francisco, both legacy network stations. He then concentrated on migrating from terres- trial to podcast and online, and has led the way for sev- en years running with his daily Karel Cast heard on over 10 major streaming outlets and ve terrestrial stations. Whether he was working a McDonald’s drive through and getting everything wrong live on air, begging on a street corner to see which cardboard sign makes the most money, interviewing President Jimmy Carter or telling Senator John McCain he’s hot on his book cover during an interview for his campaign…. or on the red carpet at Oscar, Grammy or Emmy camping it up with stars Karel has been bringing his barnd of entertainment to number one networks in number one markets across the United States and world.

Couple that daily production along with a life that chang- es from one moment to the next, lled with intense highs, incredible lows, and remarkable experiences and you have a show that is part reality, part talk and entertainment, and completely original. Karel hasn’t just been a talk host on two of the nations largest stations, but a stage performer, TV personality, recording artist, author of two books, Billboard columnist for four years, Advocate columnist for three and Huf ngtonPost columnist for eight years (and counting) it’s a varied and exciting life. A life in segments.

And thus, the show.

The show is an exciting hybrid of on location and pre-recorded seg- ments shot wherever Karel nds himself; at home, or in a foreign land, at a star studded event or in the depths of the Earth in ther largest cave. It stays topical with the book end of The Karel Cast, Karel’s unvarnished look at modern life done in his radio studios at his home, Park Howard.
Each show is :30 minutes in length. It is created with Brandon Riley Miller, a sought after and in-demand lmmaker and docu- mentarian whose work appears on major networks including Vice.
New segments are constantly being born and established ones being developed as Karel’s life, America’s and the world changes.

These segments include:

It’s the fastest growing industry in the world and Karel has been a part of it for over 30 years. He explores everything from how to consume, to the politics and nancial rami cations of the plant.

It’s not uncommon to nd Karel dining with newsmakers and celebri- ties and getting them to say things they may not so this segment brings

that to an entire new level. Four guests, a bar or restaurant, let the cameras roll. ThePit
Three to ve guests. A fabulous sectional sofa. Sometimes, Cananbis or Cocktails. Let the conversation in the Pit begin!
Karel takes issues or just fun topics to the street and talks to folks at random. This is Karel in his element, unafraid to engage anyone in conversation about any thing.

Out and About
Many years ago Karel wrote the Out & About column for Update magazine. He did it to get free admission and free drinks to events. Now, he’s on the red carpets and in- vited to the after parties as well as venue openings all around Los Angeles and Hollywood. This segment takes the viewer with him to these events: before, during, and after and features tidbits, interviews with celebs from Stage, TV and culinary worlds, street interviews and more. Whether it’s eat- ing with Ludo or Susan Fenniger one minute, hanging with friend David Arquette and a club full of celebs at Bootsy Bellows the next, or walking the Red Carpet at the Pantages for a play premiere with the toast of Broadway, Karel gets out and about. And there’s more. Karel goes to Ireland every year for St. Pat- rick’s and to discover the country. As a writer for the HuffPost, he’s invited to many openings of many kinds, including trips to review cities around the globe. Out and About…the world’s the limit.


Every day Karel spends hours on the phone with friends talking about their lives. Who to date, should I get divorced, why am I alone…on and on. This is where those issues come to life as Karel gives bottom line relationship counseling to those in need, just like his morning phone calls every day, on a comfy sofa.

Karel’s dogs are part of the show; including the tragic loss of one. Animals are big business around the world, and as more and more people partner with pets, all

Cooking for the99
If you live on a normal income, you have to cook and eat for about $15 a day. Karel shows the world how to do just that with great guests in his kitchen and around
the world.

Diva In The House
A house party. A great singer. Say no more.
The politics of being GLBTQA or any other letter in America today.

Another green industry around the globe, Tea will re- place coffee as the number one beverage by 2020. Noth- ing beats a good cup and Karel shows the industry and history of tea, but also has a great cup with a celebrity or newsmaker.

These are just a sample of the topical, entertaining and relevent segments that will make up the show. The seg- ments will also be able to stand alone.

Karel will enlist regulars, unique panels, out of studio loca- tions and a vareity of colorful and unique guests to make a fast-paced topical, entertaining show about life, in segments.